I fell in love with pastels a few years ago after attending a demo and since then I have concentrated on painting with them. I love the color and feel as pastel is put to a surface. I have found I can just pop a few in my pocket carrier and take along with a sketchbook when I travel or go for a walk.

Nature has always been my favorite subject to either paint or photograph. I lived the first 27 years of my life in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up camping, hiking, fishing and studying forestry as a member of 4-H when in my teens.

Moving to SE Idaho in the early 70’s I found beauty in the high desert and as a great area for photography along with our trips into Utah to visit Canyon lands and other areas.

I have been interested in Photography since the early 70’s but didn’t pursue other forms of art until the early 2000s.

I take all the classes and workshops I can, always the student.